Morolean - Single Box


Morolean - Single Box


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  • Quality ingredient from ITALY with clinically proven effects to lose waist and hips inches.
  • Detox + Slimming combination Lemon Tea
  • High in Vitamin C for Anti-Oxidation and Immune Enhancing
  • Low Fat & High in Fiber for Bowel Movement and Weight Management
  • Quantity : 1 Box (15g x 15 Sachet)

The Product Helps to :

  • Prevent and reduce fat accumulation in belly and other area
  • Control and suppress appetite, reduce total calorie intake
  • Accelerate body metabolism and blood circulation
  • Promote fat metabolism and fat burning
  • Inhibit carbohydrate absorption
  • Promote bowel movement, colon cleansing, alleviate constipation problem
  • Promote pro-biotics growth, improve intestinal health
  • Regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Iron absorption, promote collagen synthesis
  • Alleviate skin problems and anti-inflammatory